The International Customized Dating Service

The Sino-Ukraine marriage family ensures that
members get three personal perceptions and eight advantages.

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    The process, route and scene carefully planned by the experienced founder and the couple of transnational marriage; the background information of the date should have been thoroughly checked in advance.

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    Let the advantages, emotions and characteristics of dating persons be naturally displayed and expressed. A matching date can build emotional stickiness between them.

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    High Efficiency

    The unique one-to-one video dating platform is equipped with the simultaneous translation support system of Chinese, Russian and English languages, so that the two sides of the video dating can establish a communication foundation before they actually meet each other in real.

Eight Advantages Of Enrolling


  • 1-to-1 Video Ensuring "Four See" Authentication

    After the real name authentication and background investigation, the members with high quality, high appearance and high education in Ukraine, China and the worldwide can obtain the authorization of the company to open a 1-to-1 video anchor function window on the platform (to facilitate 1-to-1 video exchange between other members interested in these video anchors), and thus implement the "see the information, see the document, see the photo, see the real person" socalled the “4 See” authentication.

  • The Bridge Between English Fans In China & Chinese Fans In Europe Or America 

    Our Chinese members include college students and business elites. Most of them speak English and are keen to improve their English. European and American men who are interested in making friends in Asia can show their charm as English teachers and learn Chinese through video dating under the arrangement of the company.

  • 1-to-1 Video Platform With Simultaneous Translation

    The biggest problem of cross-border dating is not only the fear of false deception, but also the language barrier. The company's 1-to-1 video platform enables members to instantly change from virtual to real as video anchor, while the unique simultaneous translation function (Chinese, English and Russian) solves the language barrier problem of cross-border communicating.

  • Extremely Demanding Quality, Not Quantity

    We have inspired and trained university students in Ukraine and China to show their outstanding self to the world through video anchors, and are also attracting high-quality members from all over the world to apply for becoming video anchors. At the same time, we also select high-level single people from Chinese business circles to join the association. We screen our members to a critical level to ensure that the background is real.

  • Practical Experience Of International Marriage Families

    The couple founders are the international marriage family between Ukraine and China. They personally participate in the overall arrangement of dating project services, give the best dating plan with an international perspective, and the professional team will follow up and coordinate the whole process.

  • Customized Service

    It provides one-stop international dating services such as dating planning, favorability improvement, dating skills, follow-up meeting arrangement, etc., which extends the follow-up value of that 1-to-1 video chating happened before, produces long-term interactive stickiness between the two persons, and becomes an unforgettable international dating experience for a lifetime.

  • International Operation

    Taohuaxing Club has set up offices in China and Ukraine, taking the "Sino-Ukraine special line" as the benchmark, combining online and offline dating, and implementing cross-border integration with a global perspective, including: Chinese men look for foreign women, Chinese women look for foreign men; foreign men look for foreign women, foreign women look for foreign men; foreign men look for Chinese women, foreign women look for Chinese men.

  • Family Extension Services

    To help members optimize and reorganize the socialized family resources, property resources and career resources from an international perspective. Around the core of international dating, we will help international people realize a series of extended services, such as marriage immigration, permanent residence card regarding China and Ukraine, transnational purchase, original asset protection, asset access, multinational company registration, children's nationality selection, at low cost or even zero cost.

Choose Your Service Package

Men only need $3000 to become members of Tao-Hua-Xing International Dating Club
Single women under 35 years old in Europe, America and Australia can join it free of

charge and apply for being the 1-to-1 video anchor earning video bonus.

Please send the application materials to: 

Please submit three life photos and a short video 
with your name, gender, age, height, weight, religious belief, hobbies, and requirements for your dating.

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