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Franchisee Recruitment

Wealth Sharing Plan Of Social Contact Platform For China, Ukraine And Worldwide
-- Recruitment Of Global Franchisees Of TaoHuaXing Global Dating Club –


A social contact project , high return, almost nod risk, without physical investment needed;
Have a human resource platform based on beautiful social economy;
Using self media and our company resources, expected annual profit of million;

1、 Project Introduction
Taohuaxing is an international gender social platform based on online 1-to-1 video dating supported by the simultaneous translation system and offline real face-to-face dating. 
At the current stage of Taohuaxing platform's operation, the "China Ukraine" special line is mainly used as a model market, which is based on connecting Ukraine and China's high-quality single groups inclined to international lifestyle to European and American society, and introducing high-quality groups from European and American society into Ukraine and Chinese society, so as to finally realize the open society of all countries in the world.

2、 Highlights Of Human Resources Advantages:
-Focus on the beauty resources in the university campuses of Ukraine and China, aged 18-23 years old, pure, independent, active, flexible, advocate international lifestyle, and speak English.
-Most of the members in China are business people from the developed cities, especially there are more single female entrepreneurs in China, they are independent and free, and can generally communicate in English.
-Our company has gradually expanded to attract women / men from European, American, Australian countries to join the membership.
-The company's video anchor dating mode has improved the practical application level of some members' English life oriented communication.

3、 Conditions Of Franchisee
-Good communication skills, open and outgoing.
-Ability to attract local quality men and women to join the membership.
-There is no bad reputation in the local area, with the experience of self media operation, and can plan and edit short videos by themselves.
-Tiktok, facebook, instagram, and other social media platforms with over 10 thousand fans are preferred.

4、 Franchise Fee
-It is required to pay US $1200 for training material and US $6000 for joining in, and sign a formal contract.
-If the business performance continues to fail to meet the standards, the company will return the franchise fee US $6000 in full in the fourth year after signing the contract, and terminate the contract at the same time.

5、 Revenue Point Of Franchisee
-Invite men to join the club and get a commission for the joining fee.
-Recommend beautiful women / high class men as video anchors to the platform, and all the benefits of the anchors are commission from franchisees.
-Online customers are led to 1-to-1 video dating platform, and franchisees get commission income by minute.
-Offline lead customers to go abroad for appointments and get high commission per time.
-For other temporary derivative projects, franchisees can participate in the information they get at the first time and get commission income

the franchisee with operational ability and focus on the project is expected to easily achieve an annual profit of 150000 US dollars (see the contract for details).


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