Service Advantages Of TaoHuaXing

  • 桃花星面对面的真实约会

    High-Level Members Advocating Internationalization In China And Ukraine

    Our core resources include university students from Ukraine and China who advocate European and American culture and lifestyle, as well as high-class social business groups, who usually speaks good English and are eager to move towards an international life.

  • 桃花星安排约会过程

    Our Multinational Team From China And Ukraine Understands Asian And European Culture Better

    The Chinese consultant experts in our team have a thorough understanding of Chinese/Asia customs and cultural concepts, while the Ukrainian staff know European culture. These cross-border cultural differences have been broken in the working team, which can provide a constructive and feasible scheme for the single people in Europe, America and Australia to have cross-border dating, save communication costs and time costs, and get a good experience.

  • 心灵匹配为基础

    One-To-One Video Dating Platform

    The closed one-to-one video dating platform set up by our company is specially designed for online long distance dating, which allows the two persons have gone from virtual to real before meeting each other in real time. The platform has its own simultaneous translation system in Chinese, English and Russian languages, so that those who are destined to have a lover no longer worry about language problems. When the two persons get chemistry through Video dating chat , they can rush to buy air tickets to win loved ones back.

  • 个人隐私保护

    A Lifelong Friend Of The Club With The International Family

    The founder couple are the marriage families of China and Ukraine. They have crossed the barriers of regional culture and language and established their own culture between husband

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