Our Diamond --The Cross Country Love Between Chinese Husband & Ukrainian Wife
2020-08-04 11:06:40


In 2018, I took this video for Vika on hollysha street in Kiev, Ukraine.

The subtitle on the video was: my husband thought I didn't dare to marry to China at that time!

Ukrainian women dare to go anywhere.

The first time I took a photo with Vika at the Military Museum in Kiev,

I felt like "this is my wife". But, at that time,

I still couldn't believe that this good thing would hit my head, until……

On May 14, 2020, our son was born in Chengdu, China.

It's like in a movie, it's like in a dream,

but when my son appeared in front of me, my eyes were wet.

"Hold our diamond,"

Vika said as she looked at me the first time she held our son to me.

I suddenly remembered that I had never bought her a diamond ring.

Because that day in the selection of rings, she only had a pair of wedding rings inlaid with tiny broken diamonds.

I said: choose another big diamond ring. But she thinks that the diamond ring is used when proposing marriage.

She has already been willing to marry me, which means I don't have to propose again.

So why buy a diamond ring? So all we need is a wedding ring.

My Ukrainian wife is so forthright. According to our Chinese thinking habits,

even if it is a diamond ring used for marriage proposal,

even if it is bought after marriage, is it not fragrant to wear it?

After marriage, Vika wears the wedding ring we bought together like a ceremony.

Often when we go out, we will check whether the other party has forgotten to wear the ring, and then smile.

We didn't buy that cold big diamond,

but we had the diamond with temperature and wisdom condensed by life - our hybrid baby.

This blood is flowing with the bravery of the fighting nation and the aura of the taoism of the Chinese nation.

It's really moving that you can't say a word of praise Only deep and quiet look at each other,

like a deep ocean, and like the words of Vika beating in my ears: our diamond.