Each color is god's love for the world
2020-05-07 16:07:54

Each color is god's love for the world

of husband and wife of Ukraine in China multinational brigades "series of 5


There are various controversies about the color of people in every period.

Vica and I also discussed online anger at the massive influx of black people into China over foreigners' permanent residency in the country, and I mentioned Michael Jackson's surgery to alter his natural black appearance.

Vika said.

We cannot choose to be born white, yellow or black;

Black and white have good and bad, this depends on everyone's education is not the same (has nothing to do with color); Some people don't like black people and say black people are bad, just like some white people don't know China at all, say Chinese people have yellow skin and small eyes, how do you feel?

I was speechless.

Vika told me that whether we love our colors or not, we are loved by god. Each color is god's love for the world.

Well, I admit I don't like black people enough. It wasn't really my fault, but it was a BUG in my inner psyche. Because of the existence of this mode of thinking, when I face the lower groups, I will unconsciously generate high self-esteem and the accompanying contempt, which is the root of my self-abasement and looking up when I face the higher groups in the future.

Have to look up and inferiority, just because the inner concealment from the high and despise.

Vika's innate justice and kindness made me realize that something that had crept into my head as I was growing up, something that bothered me. Everyone can't choose where he comes from, but he can choose to be the best in his group. Just like some black actors in Hollywood, they can rise in the star-studded Hollywood, they are good, it has nothing to do with whether they are white or black or yellow or brown.

So, when China introduces a foreigner, it is not the color that determines the choice, but whether he or she is good enough.