My Man, why do you add sugar and salt?
2020-03-30 17:54:29


No.2 of the irregular series excerpted from

The Cross Country Love Between Chinese Husband & Ukrainian Wife》

In 2017, I stayed in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and during my pursuit of my wife Vika,

I enjoyed a simple and nutritious breakfast, which is the cereal porridge that we Chinese say, 

The Ukrainian pronunciation is "GASA". Pure cereal, cooked with fresh milk in a gentle fire,

can be mixed with some raisins and dried fruits, a bowl of white raw GASA,

mixed with a spoonful of honey or sugar, that taste is really comfortable,

with a few pieces of Ukrainian bread, if you have time, with a cup of coffee,

to start the day's life. Eating this kind of crude fiber meal in the morning is particularly good for the stomach.



One morning, when Vika and I were scooping honey into Gasa,

I asked her by the way: do Ukrainians like sweet food when they eat sweet Gasa?

Does anyone put salt?

Very few people put salt, she said, generally more sugar.

Does anyone add sugar and salt together? As I was eating Gasa,

I asked with an outstretched mouth.



Her eyes widened: Zou, I don't understand. Why add sugar and salt together?

Er... This?

I was also stunned. I asked the question of adding sugar and salt at the same time unconsciously.

Is the response so big? How come?

"But if you like sweet food, add sugar, if you like salty food, add salt.

Eating sweet is because I like sugar. Why do I think about adding salt since you prefer sweet one?

" My wife twinkled two big beautiful green eyes at me.

This... In this way, there are some bread, biscuits and other foods in China,

which have the taste of salty with sweet and sweet with salty taste.

There is also a legend called Sister-In-Law's Cake, which specifically says that salty

and sweet taste are in one kind of cake at the same time I quoted an allusion,

trying to express the integration of saltiness and sweetness, which will produce a special flavor.

But why add sugar and salt? After listening,

my wife continued to ask this question.

Halo! I've been asked. Headache, how to explain clearly?

Just like bitterness and sweetness, they are originally contradictory.

Maybe in the eyes of foreigners, bitterness and sweetness can't exist at the same time.

However, Chinese people have the thinking gene of "bitterness comes from bitterness",

"bitterness comes from sweetness" and "bitterness comes from joy".

It's true that some things exude a little sweetness at last in bitterness,

or mingle with bitterness in sweetness.

"Yes, yes, yes. My wife is right. I have to admit and advise tactically first,

and say to her: "if you like sweet, use sugar, if you like salty, add salt.

That's right. The kind of person who adds everything to it may be that he has a problem.

"Oh, but I like gasa with sugar", my wife was soon relieved.

However, she didn't know that I just finished a quick adjustment of values

and compatibility in the moment when my eyes crossed,

and resolved an unnecessary debate without changing my face and heart.

In my heart, I know that Ukrainian wife is a straight-line thinking of "one muscle".

Some things depend on the language is unable to get the same,

only later quietly find her favorite Chinese snacks, those snacks are sweet with salty, salty with sweet.

Let her body accept first, and her mind will change.

This is a process of assimilation. I snigger in my heart.

But when I am looking back, I am thinking: why assimilate her?

Why make a beautiful and kind Ukrainian wife like a Chinese wife?

She's her. She's herself. It's good.

Chinese people tend to think in a negative way, and they are more compatible.

Being able to accept the combination thinking of "salty with sweet,

sweet with salty" and "first sweet with salty, first salty with sweet" due to the time element,

it is easier to produce the complex things like "wife like lover" and "lover like wife".

Even a little more inside, there will be a lot of complexity outside.



I can't say which is better. It can't be said that Europeans don't have Chinese wisdom,

because they obviously know that they can add salt and sugar,

but they just didn't expect to do it like that,

let alone that Chinese are more cunning and complicated than Europeans.

Sometimes I watch Vika enjoy eating Gasa with her favorite honey. Suddenly one day I felt:

Add sugar to eat Gasa, this feeling is very comfortable,

just stay quietly in this feeling, enjoy the sweet;

It's very comfortable to eat Gasa with salt and salty fragrance.

Then stay in the feeling quietly and enjoy the salty food.

To keep it easy as it is. It's very good. What do you think?