Member ID:02F001

Member nickname: Sasha

Don't sex: female

Nationality: Ukraine

Race: Ukraine

Place of residence: Kiev

Date of birth: April 17, 1996

Animal sign: rat

Sign: Aries

Height: 165 CM

Body weight: 52 KG

Eye color: blue

Hair color: brown

Smoking or not: smoking (occasionally)

Drinking or not: drinking

Relationship status: single

Child status: none

Religious affiliation: orthodox church

Mother tongue: Ukrainian, Russian

Second language: English

Third language: Chinese

Occupation: painter/accountant

Talent skills: drawing

Hobbies: singing


Expected date nationality: Chinese

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Hello, my name is Oleksandra Likhachova, and my Chinese friends call me Sasha. My mother is a professional painter, so she wants me to go on the road of painting. Of course, I also like painting, there is a feeling that in painting I am the real me. I was in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. My best friend Viktoriia had introduced me to work in a Chinese company in Kiev. There, I got in touch with this magical oriental country and a group of interesting people through the Internet. When I worked in a Chinese company, I also learned Chinese. Although my Chinese is very limited, I like it very much. If I choose to study English or Chinese, I will not hesitate to choose Chinese. Is this a kind of fate? My best friend Viktoria got married! With a good Chinese husband. To be honest, I was shocked at first, though I always respected her choice. The reason for her shock was that she had said before that it was impossible to marry a Chinese. The boss of the Chinese company we worked with, who was also a Chinese, once asked her if he could introduce her Chinese boyfriend. My good friend Viktoriia refused. But now that she is happy wife of an excellent Chinese man, I can feel her happiness. It turns out that when you meet the right person, all the principles you once set are no longer a problem. Maybe she was right. Whether two people are happy together has nothing to do with cross-border marriage, only with themselves, and with the person they choose. Hope to find the right you!