Member ID:02M001

Member nickname: Sergey

Don't sex: male

Nationality: Ukraine

Place of residence: Kiev

Date of birth: September 29, 1995

Zodiac sign: pig

Sign: Aries

Height: 185 CM

Body weight: 78 KG

Eye color: grey-green

Hair color: brown

Smoking or not: smoking (occasionally)

Whether or not to drink: occasionally

Relationship status: single

Child status: none

Religious affiliation: orthodox church

Mother tongue: Ukrainian, Russian

Second language: English

Occupation: model, stage design

Talent skills: singing,

Hobbies: singing and reading


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Friends say I am a confident, sunny big boy, in fact, that is living in the heart of me. But the big boy inside, there is a little bit of depression, as if born this way. I knew that no matter what I went through, the big boy inside would always be there, sometimes down, sometimes hot.  


Looking for

I saw that some of my friends were married to Chinese people and they were living a good life. This mysterious ancient Oriental country made me feel a strong desire to experience it with my life. Everything in China is so different from my country that it is full of mystery and temptation for me. I wish you were like a big sister. In fact, under the man's exterior, I am just a quiet soul in need of support and comfort. Can my angel be the one from the east?