Zhi junhu
Zhi junhu

Birth name: zhi junhu

Don't sex: male

Nationality: Chinese

Race: han

Date of birth: 1975

The body high: 177 cm

Body weight: 67 kg

Eye color: brown

Hair color: black

Smoking or not: no

Whether or not to drink: occasionally

Relationship status: divorced

Children: there are children

Religion: Christianity

Mother language: Chinese

Second language:

Third language:

Occupation: 246 dealers of rt-mart in east China

Love: horse riding, singing, listening to music, swimming.

Specialties: organizational skills, social relations, negotiation and cooperation.

Desired date nationality: unlimited

Religious requirement for a date: non-muslim


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To introduce myself

I am a mature man, because experienced career, feelings, social and other grinding and training,

a man after the wind and rain is called a mature man, years is just a day.

I have clear dreams, know what I want, and believe in what I will get,

because a person without a dream is just a walking dead.

I am a positive and optimistic man with a typical outgoing personality.

I like to share happiness and joy with others.

I like to complete the dream of life mission together with my soul mate,

leaving beautiful footprints in the world, not a mediocre one.

I am a career man, sometimes feel that career and my life is the same.


Hope for your date

I am not looking for the perfect princess, but for a soul mate, a soul mate, eyes full of each other.

Do not like the light has a shining robe and lost the quality of the soul,

hope and can read each other's soul of a heart spiritual step towards the common goal,

and down-to-earth to complete the mission given by god.

Beautiful you, you would like to and I with a beautiful vision to realize this dream down to earth?