Member ID: 01M001

Member nickname: King

Member's real name: wugo

Don't sex: male

Sexual attraction: liking the opposite sex

Nationality: Chinese

Race: han

Place of residence: chengdu

Date of birth: March 27, 1985

Zodiac sign: ox

Sign: Aries

The body high: 180 cm

Body weight: 80 kg

Eye color: brown

Hair color: black

Smoking or not: no

Whether or not to drink: occasionally

Emotional status: unmarried

Child status:

Religious belief:

Mother language: Chinese

Second language: English

Occupation: finance

Talent skills: singing

Hobbies: travel


Nationality of desired date: unlimited

Religious requirement for a date: non-muslim


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To introduce myself

Try to be interesting and useful. Look for pretty women with similar values


Hope for a date