Ukrainian Beauties & Handsome Guys

Who Are Still In Colleges Or Have Entered Social Work.

Chinese Beauties & Handsome Men, Including Rich And Intelligent

Chinese Businessmen /Businesswomen, Who Advocate The Life In English Or Russian Speaking Countries.

We are building a membership database composed of high-quality internationalists and are constantly absorbing members

from high-quality countries in Asia, Europe, America and Australia.

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    The Love Is Not That SomethingWe Find

    But Something That Finds Us!

    A Chinese businessman Zou on his way to the west, found out his beautiful and smart Ukrainian wife Vika.

    The couple believe that true love is the most meaningful practice in their lives, and they can't miss it, and no matter in Asia, Europe, America, Australia or anywhere on the earth, the place to settle down should be because of love.

    Why Choose Tao-Hua-Xing Global Dating Club

    "Vika Zou" , the sino-Ukraine couple personally control the quality of members;
    1-to-1 member service, implement cross-border cultural and emotional psychology guidance;
    to-1 video dating system with simultaneous translation, to solve language barriers in real, safe and efficient way;
    Realize the optimization of marriage resources from the international perspective;
    It’s the best ideal channel to enter the most powerful mainstream country -- China, 
    and Lay a foundation for future work or business in China;
    To be more stable without too much interference of social relations;
    Hybrid babies are healthier and smarter, with gene leaping upgrade;
    Marriage immigration is smoother and almost free.

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      01 / Unlimited Dating

      After men and women from English speaking countries such as Europe, America and Australia become members (Note: women under 35 years old can enroll as members for free), such members have the right to check the information of members from Russian speaking countries centered in Ukraine and Asian countries centered in China. The system will also actively recommend members from English speaking countries to global members such as those from Ukraine and China. We can match each other remotely through photos, short videos, video chats, etc. after finding the feeling of online dating, we can start offline real meeting and dating. There is no limit to the number of appointments during membership.

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      02 / To Cash In Historical Dividend

      Some of English-speaking countries In Europe, America and Australia, due to the development of industrial revolution and information technology since morden time, have objectively accumulated advantages compared with Asian countries, so they are generally welcomed and valued in Asia. Especially in Asia's main country with numerous opportunities and strong development such as China, English-speaking people will get more preferential treatment and development assistance than in their own countries. China has become the best window for the people to cash in historical dividend.

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      03 / Connection Of Social High-Level Groups

      When European or American people enter the membership database of this platform, will find that there are members with dating needs gathered here, not only the beauty sect represented by Ukrainian beauties or handsome men, but also the high-quality and high-net-worth businessmen or businesswomen represented by China. A good relationship means a gold mine for people to deposit development opportunities. 

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      04 / Privacy Protection

      We treat all information of members as privacy and keep it strictly confidential. Without the permission of members, the information will never be seen by others.

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